Student Welfare

Mr. Alloys Odongo
Dean of Students

Welcome to the Dean of Student’s desk. This officedeals particularly with the welfare students of Onjiko Boys High School. This is an abroad spectrum office set up by the school to provide the students with a Home Away from Home environment.

Due to the nature of the mandate bestowed on the Dean of students concerning the welfare of students, this office works hand-in-hand with other departments such as Guidance and Counseling, Spiritual Affairs and also directly under the office of Deputy Principal, Administration.

The Office of the Dean of Students strives to extend a helping hand to all students, especially those who come from less fortunate backgrounds by soliciting some basic items from the staff, other students and other well-wishers. The items are collected and made available to the less fortunate students, some of whom barely have any shopping when they come from home after holiday breaks.

This effort apart from helping to ease the anxiety in the less fortunate students is also aimed at reducing, if not completely eradicating, issues of theft. Theft among students is sometimes attributed to scarcity. Those who don’t have shopping from home may be tempted to steal the basic items from fellow students. This is a vice that every effort must be made to stem in the young ones as they grow towards adulthood.

The office of the Dean of Students also has to arbitrate any disputes that arise amongst the students before they escalate to the point where any of the students is sent home for indiscipline cases. The office of the Dean of Students is open to all students to report cases of theft and other related issues that might cause disharmony.

On the student’s side, we have students elected by their colleagues to be in charge of their welfare. The students’s representatives do their work in collaboration with the Welfare Office to help resolve cases between the students.

The following are the prefects elected to be in charge of Welfare:

Maurice Ouma – 4 Heroes, Jack Okumu – 4 Brilliants, Rodex Omondi – 4 Victors, Philip Otieno – 4 Shiners, Humphrey Sign – 4 Elites, Martin Roney – 3 Victors, James Odiwuor –3 Brilliants, Frank Odhiambo – 3 Victors, Dishon Nyambori – 3 Shiners, Collins Junior – 3 Champions, Alphonce Owiti – 2 Warriors, Denis Odhiambo – 2 Victors, Brian Caleb –2 Shiners, James Odhiambo – 1 Heroes, Robert Odiwuor – Brilliant, Caleb Ouma – 1 Victors, Benjamin Onyango – 1 Champions, Jibran Omondi – 1 Warriors, Maxwell Mluo – 1 Achievers