Science Department

Mr. George Osura - HOD

The department is headed by Mr. George Osura.  The three science subjects are taught by a team of dedicated teachers who have many years of teaching experience. The sciences are practical subjects of which most of the lessons are taught in the science laboratory. The school has a well-equipped science laboratory, which is manned by competent laboratory technicians. All practical lessons are controlled by a dedicated laboratory timetable.

This ensures all science practical lessons are conducted without any collisions. The department is happy to note that there have been a steady positive departmental progress in terms of the number of teachers, the number of students taking physics as a second science subject and students who qualify to join higher institutions of learning to train as professionals in the fields of engineering, science educators and many other science-based courses. All students who have graduated from Onjiko have competed well in the fields they endeavored in.

The science department is dedicated to nurturing, enhancing, and perfecting student’s ability in scientific knowledge so that they emerge as wholesome persons, who are able to give scientific solutions to problems in their immediate environment and the larger community.

Mr. Elija Rios Nyabuto HOS


Biology is a subject in the science department. It is under the biology department that doctors and other professionals are made. I take this opportunity to thank our administration headed by the principal for the support they always give us to see us improve.

Reagents and specimens needed for practicals are always available. In addition, the department has active teachers who are role models to the students. Through practical lessons, students can understand better what we teach in class. We prepare students for the Kenya Science and Engineering Fair, where they do well. This boosts their confidence in biology as a subject. This subject is compulsory in our school. The school has a biology laboratory that is well equipped to cater to the increased number of students in our school. Courtesy of our principal Mr. Joseph Were, we have a biology lab technician and there is an increased number of biology teachers