School Rules and Regulations


Rule 1 – All students MUST show respect and obey orders from prefects, teachers and school authorities at all times. Failure to do so will lead to suspension.

Rule 2 – All students MUST strictly adhere to school routine. Lessons and preps must be attended by all students. Noise-making, sleeping and joking in class during preps time is strictly prohibited. Not adhering will lead to extra manual work being administered to the student e.g mopping pavements persistence will earn a suspension.

Rule 3 – All students MUST do all assignments given in time. Failure to do an assignment will be given extra work and manual work being administered to student.

Rule 4 – All students MUST do all exams. Failure to do exams will result in suspension.

Rule 5 – All students must speak in English or Kiswahili at all times. Speaking in vernacular /sheng is prohibited. Students found speaking in vernacular/sheng will be sent home to buy set books as specified by the school administration.

Rule 6 – All students MUST work hard to achieve 50% in all exams. Students who will fail to achieve 50% in exams will be yellow carded and parent called to school to discuss the performance. Three yellow cards in one year will result in RED CARD.

Rule 7 – All students reporting back to school from holidays, half term breaks or permitted to leave must reach the school before 4.00pm. Not adhering will lead to extra manual work being administered to the student and learner being sent home to bring parent / Guardian to explain his lateness.


Rule 8 – Students MUST wear neat complete school uniform at all times. Civilian clothes are not allowed in school. None school attire will be confiscated and the responsible student punished.

Rule 9 – Every student is required to strictly observe basic rules of personal hygiene and be neat, tidy and presentable at all times. Any untidy student will be given manual punishment e.g. mopping of kitchen, classes etc.

Rule 10 – No student shall steal. Theft of any property however small the value is, will result in serious penalty. Any student found will be suspended.

Rule 11 – All student MUST be clean in thought, word or deed. Obscene, vulgar language or indecent behavior is prohibited. Must have an ambition in life. Not adhere to rule will be given heavy manual work if persistent.

Rule 12 – Staff quarters and school kitchen are out of bounds to all students except with permission. If found heavy manual work e.g. mopping dormitory.

Rule 13 – All illegal items, mobile phones, and accessories are strictly prohibited in the school compound. Any student found with these items will be suspended, charged electrical appliances.

Rule 14 – All forms of pornographic materials and non-academic magazines are strictly prohibited in the school. Any student found in possession of any of these will be suspended then taken for guidance and counseling.


Rule 15 – All students must participate in one club, game or movement. Those students who don’t will be punished and forced to join.


Rule 16- Students should not leave the church when service is in session – Failure will be given punishment e.g. mopping the church, kitchen etc.

Rule 17- Service is compulsory for all students on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday – Failure to attend any service will be suspended.

Rule 18 – No sleeping in church. Any student found will be given manual work.

Rule 19 – Students should always carry the Bible, hymn books and a notebook. Failure will be forced to buy the books and given manual work.