The School Leadership

Mr. Joseph Were
Senior Principle

As we prepare to mark 60 years anniversary next year, I take this opportunity to walk you through the journey that has led us to where we are today. Few schools in Kenya can boast of the length of service to the community that Onjiko High School has rendered to Onjiko community. Likewise few organizations reach their 60th anniversary, illustrating the tremendous need for the school over the years. But for us, this occasion is not just a time to reflect upon our past accomplishments. It is also a time to look to the future, to set new goals, and to face new challenges.

My first assignment was to build trust with students by introducing an interactive session (Principal’s Talk) with students where they air their grievance and suggest solutions. The objective is to debunk stereotypes and foster dialogue between the administration and students. Our engagements addressed such issues such as academic, social and even personal cases.

However, the gatherings are not always about serious topics. There is a lot of bonding that takes place. This session is held every Saturday between 6:30a.m and 8:00a.m and over time, it has developed into a very popular interactive programme within the school and built student’s moral and patriotism. In fact you would not believe it is the same group of students at the end of the sessions.

This office works very closely with the office of the principal to ensure there is a high level of discipline within the school. The successful operation of this office translates to the success of the school in all segments. The office has ensured a harmonious stay among the staff; unity among the staff has been the cornerstone of the success of Onjiko High School, both in academics and co-curriculum activities.

This office interacts more with parents on a daily basis on issues touching on school fee payments and discipline. The interactions have always had positive results to the benefit of the child. A parent really needs to be cooperative when handling these two sensitive matters because they have bearings on the school’s performance. 

I would therefore urge our parents to make the work of this office easier by ensuring you hand over to us boys who are well mannered. Remember, one’s character and behavior are shaped at home before joining school. It is therefore the role of the parent to hand to us a well-behaved son for the smooth running of the school. I’m happy that the majority of the parents I have interacted with have been cooperative

Henry Ouma Gara
Deputy Principle Administration
Mr. Gordon Ogutu
Deputy Principle Acardemics

As we look back at where we have come from and where we are now and then where we are going, we have much to celebrate and many happy memories. Firstly, I would like to acknowledge the outstanding leadership of our Senior Principal, Mr. Were who has steered the school over the past two years and has done a marvelous job.

Our school is committed to developing socially responsible citizens in a safe, creative and educationally challenging environment; we also encourage students to be clear about their values and learn to communicate effectively in the community.

Our goal is to build a sense of community and trust between students, parents, and staff. We mainly focus on empowering our students as we highlight their leadership skills by providing them a platform to enhance different attributes like communication skill, team building & collaborative work, planning & strategy building, vision, persistence and determination. All these are done in pursuit for students reaching their potential holistically.

Our school has achieved remarkable milestones in education, sports and other co-curriculum activities all aimed at the creation of an environment to mold all round students. To further enhance this, our school has embraced a mentorship program that includes; a student leadership structure with regularized meetings not only among the students themselves but also between the students and the teachers.

In particular, and in response to the constant evolving education system, we will embrace Information Communication Technology as a strategic enabler for academic prowess. Of course, this will be within established clear boundaries that define and uphold our school values.

This approach will improve the interaction between our students, teachers and parents as it is intended to be “student centered”. Our commitment remains and is geared towards escalating our academic results and school values. Going forward, the BOM will continue to explore new avenues to address the existing gaps in infrastructure such as the acquisition of a brand new school bus.

We also propose to register an Old Boy’s Association to support our school programs and projects as well as entrench a culture of social corporate responsibility Together we can make the difference. Thank you and God bless.

Dr. James Otieno Obondi
Chairperson Board of Management