Guidance and Counselling Department

Md. Jackline Wamukoya - HOD

The Guidance and Counselling department is vital for the social, physical, and psychological growth of the students in the school. As a team, we applaud the school administration that has ensured its existence and empowered it to function fully as part of the school program. The department is active and regular in achieving its mission and vision. Those that are making the department successful include: Ms. Jackline Wamukoya…H.O.D, Mrs. Jacqueline Mbugua, Ms. Roselyne Amadi, Ms. Stella Cheptum, Ms.Barlettar Nero, Pastor Shadrach Mosi, Mr Eric Makori, Mr.Maurice Ongeng, Mr. Alloys Odongo, Mr. Linus Otieno and Ms.Faith Ochola

The students have meetings on Wednesday. The topics of discussion are well balanced in order to promote discipline, academic performance, and moral uprightness of each child. Fortnightly, the whole school meet for G&C. Other programs like peer counseling are more vibrant since the boys engage their peers who are able to understand them and even relate to their daily challenges.

The department is also sensitive enough to note the needy students who are helped to fit into the system and be at least as comfortable as others. The needy students’ kitty – run in liaison with the office of the Dean of Studies. This has been a plus to this noble department.

We encourage open dialogue between teachers in charge and the students. Confidentiality is practiced to enable the child to be free and trust the whole guidance process. All in all, we excel in doing our best to understand our prestigious clients who are our students so that they are able to cope with life here in School, at home, and even after school.