Clubs and Societies

Mr. Patrick Kipngeno

Clubs and societies play a vital role in a student’s life in school. The students develop as all-round individuals as they nurture their different talents, transition into better young adults, and develop leadership skills and healthy self-images. The students also expand their social horizons, which helps them develop their interpersonal skills, thereby raising their self-esteem. The student-teacher relationship is strengthened by teachers serving as models and sources of social support. Most of these clubs address issues in our society.

We have non-academic and academic clubs that comprise journalism, integrity, wildlife, environmental, debate, scouting, St. John Ambulance, drama/music, modern dance, anti-aids/straight talk, young farmers, school band, brass band, mathematics, science and ICT innovation, and creative arts, respectively.

We also have a yearly Onjiko Talent Show event conducted at the end of every second term of the year. We had one in the year 2022, which was held on September 12, 2022, presided over by Afrikwear Entertainment.

We crowned Mr. Onjiko, who assumed the office of prefect of clubs and societies immediately. We have also presented our activities up to the national championship in drama, with two events presented and one proceeding to the gala. Also the science and engineering fair with scouting reaching the county level.

Brass Band
Karate/Martial Arts
Christian Union
St. John Ambulance